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Mercedes Benz CLS 2015 – stylish, sporty car

A multi-purpose entertainment system, automatic transmission with 9 speeds and new modular LED lights are the major innovations in the fresh line of Mercedes Benz CLS 2015. Where both the stylish wagon (Shooting Brake) with a sporty coupe profile and sedan in the AMG versions can boast of 585-horsepower car mover. Outwardly, 5-door coupe and the wagon Mercedes Benz CLS 2015 was finalized by the grille, the bumper and headlamps. […]

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Mercedes Benz SLS 2015 – the new awesome roadster

The new Mercedes Benz SLS 2015 roadster is an ultra powerful performance vehicle which has a stylish outlook and absolutely stunning inlook. The beautiful long low hood and the gullwinged doors add the car ultra contemporary futuristic look. The vehicle is designed and built for two persons – a driver and his or hers passenger. The basic model has got a 6,2L (V8) engine with a 7-speed dual clutch transmission. […]

mercedes benz f015 self driving car

Mercedes Benz F 015 2015: When The Future Is Rolling Around

Displayed at CES and the following Detroit car show, the Mercedes Benz F 015 2015 represents one of the most interesting conceptual vehicles this year’s shows witnessed. Positioned as a luxurious sedan with a self-contained control system on board, the F015 is Daimler’s response to the constantly increasing interest towards autonomous cars. External dimensions of the Mercedes Benz F 015 2015 are 522 cm in length, 201.8 cm in width […]

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Mercedes Benz SLK 2015 – the stylish speery roadster

The new convertible Mercedes Benz SLK 2015 roadster is a powerful speedy car for stylish people who feel excitement when driving on a highway. The vehicle average rating mark is 8,5. The elegant appearance of Mercedes Benz SLK 2015 is not spoiled by its short wheelbase. The power operated hard top can fold up very fast. The Mercedes star which is integrated into the car grille add a stylish look […]

mercedes benz sprinter 2015 4x4

Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2015: The Microbus For Work And Family

The recently launched Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2015 is an absolutely new microbus set to win all hearts. Same as the earlier versions, the vehicle of 2015 model year is considered the perfect sample of quality and durability that comes at a reasonable price of €41,100. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2015 employs a range of two motors: a 161-hp turbo diesel (OM651) and a 188-hp naturally aspirated engine with 4 valves […]

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Mercedes Benz SLR 2015 – ultrafast super expensive wonder

The new Mercedes Benz SLR 2015 is the fastest powerful vehicle of the company. It belongs to the range of the most pricy cars in the world. The roadster has got a sleek long flat body shaped the way to make the largest speeds. The ultrafast road monster resembles a spaceship or a futuristic transformer by its body forms. The similarity is doubled when you see the gorgeous fantastic vehicle […]

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Mercedes Benz B 2015: Facelifted Sports Tourer Assails The Market

The Mercedes Benz B 2015 is a pre-scheduled renovation of the B-Class. The Paris car show witnessed the debut of the vehicle with freshened appearance and new modifications. The upgrades are difficult to notice at first glance: slight changes of the front bumper involving enlarged air intakes, renewed grille, facelifted DRL, two-color LED taillights, slightly emended rear bumper and trapezoidal exhaust pipes. The cabin of the Mercedes Benz B 2015 […]

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Mercedes Benz CLA wagon 2015 – the cheapest performer

The Mercedes Benz CLA wagon 2015 is the cheapest car of this type which has been manufactured by the company. The basic price starts from $52,400. On-road costs, of course, will increase the price, but not dramatically. The most expensive variant of the Mercedes Benz CLA wagon 2015 will be about $89,000. The latest model is the performance car with CLA 45 AMG engine. As for the standard variant which […]

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Mercedes Benz C wagon 2015 – luxury car for the best price

The new Mercedes Benz C wagon 2015 has become larger and longer. The rear passengers got 45 millimeters of additional space for legs, room for shoulders, elbows and head. The car trunk has got more volume – now it is 1510 litres. The outlook of the vehicle is a classic wagon with streamlined shape and LED lights.The lower part of the car “nose” has got air inlets larger in their […]

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Mercedes Benz GL 2015 – the largest 7 seats SUV

The largest luxury bus Mercedes Benz GL 2015 manufactured by the company has got three rows of seats. The truck is built in USA and mostly for americans. It does not mean the the drivers in other countries won’t get a chance to guy the biggest SUV by Mercedes Benz concern. Simply USA popularity of the car is explained by the american’s love to everything which is spacious, especially vehicles. […]